A Simple Trick to 2X Google Ads Results

So this is a little pattern we sort of notice over the years doing AdWords for our clients through Google Ads and that is, during the day, we get people clicking on your ads. 8 a.m. To 10 a.m. there is a little spike. You know, people going to work, on their way to work, and having breakfast they might check their phones then click on ads to find the service they are looking for and then it will dip down and then at lunchtime a little spike, but the most interesting spike is during the dinner time period.

So 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. there is actually a golden opportunity where you put aside some budget and this is actually specifically for this period, because if you have a shared budget that starts during the morning usually it gets used up, depending on your budget of course, but usually it gets used up around lunchtime afternoon period. But if you want to set aside some budget for the night campaign to target people who, after dinner, they are watching TV. It could be a little bit of toothache or back pain or neck pain and they want to find a solution.

They will go online do a search and hopefully find your practice on the ads and that is where you can capture the moment for when they actually need your service and we only recommend this technique for clients who has online booking, because at 8 p.m. if they need to book an appointment. They’re not gonna call the practice, because they know the practice is already closed. But if you have an online booking feature that is there and they will actually be able to book themselves in for the next day.

So that’s just a little tip to maximize your AdWords campaign and make sure you capture that golden opportunity of the after hour market.

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