Our Story

A look at 2080 Solutions, who we are, where we come from, and what our goals, morals, and ethics are.

The Beginning

A Personal Story That Led To A Business Reality

Having completed his higher education at the University of Melbourne, Monash University and the University of California: Berkeley, Wally Chiang set his sights on the corporate world. 

In the next 15 years, he immersed himself in all the lessons, perks and challenges corporate life in the web industry brings. But as time went by he also became a witness to how ‘Corporate’ thinking upends small to medium businesses.

2080 Solutions - About Us - Dental Chair relation to Wally Chiang

Meanwhile, Wally’s wife, Qing Guo was successfully building her career as a dentist. And on occasions, she would talk about all the challenges her practice was facing. This inspired Wally to look deeper into the marketing strategies, activities, and issues faced by small dental practices such as the one his wife was involved with. And with it, 20-80 Solutions was born.

20-80 Solutions was created to support many of the smaller health/medical practice owners struggling to compete with an increasing number of corporate and funded organisations, while standing out in their industry.

The 20-80 story is not one that was born out of a desire to make money

But born out of a desire to empower, inspire and enable.

Our Motivation

20-80 Solutions exists because we believe small health and medical practices can:

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Be Empowered

Be empowered with the right tools and knowledge to stand up against the larger corporate practices, and let their capabilities shine as big and bright as the giants in their field of expertise.

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Be Extraordinary

Discover their point of difference and stand out from the ever-growing competition among their fellow colleagues so that they don’t get treated like an ordinary commodity, but extraordinary health professionals.

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Be Thriving

Be trained and continue to improve their business acumen so they can run a successful and thriving practice without sacrificing the quality of their patients’ health or breaching AHPRA guidelines.

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Be Smarter

Be smarter about spending their investment on things that matter thus expect a better return on investment. Don't get taken advantage of by various vendors.

Our Experience In Numbers


ROI from Google Ads (SEM)


ROI from Organic Search (SEO)


Years of Web Experience


Health and Medical Websites


Million Revenue Generated


Years in Business

Our Promise To You​

2080 Will Go Above And Beyond To Give You The Best Quality And Outcome​

6 Month Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the results and service after 6 months of working with us, you get to have your money back. No strings attached. That's how confident we are with what we can achieve.

Freedom From Contracts

Enjoy a commitment free relationship that provides you freedom of choice with your business partners. We want to ensure you want us around because of the value we bring and not because you're locked in.

Lifelong Support

Our work doesn’t end when the website is completed. In fact it is just the start of a journey towards your success. One where we will always be by your side for both technical and business perspective.

Performance Based Result

Enjoy an minimum of 10:1 ROI with us. This means for every $9,000 you invest you generate $90,000 worth of revenue from new patients. That being said, our average is actually a lot higher than that.

Empowerment & Education

Total transparency of all the work that we do, coupled with training, empower you to make changes to your own website. This enables you to ensure timely promotions, update opening hours, staff changes etc.

The Right Side of the Regulation

Most businesses we service are in the medical/health industry and bound by stringent, complex rules and regulations. We ensure we meet all regulatory requirements so you need not worry about them when working with us.

Comprehensive Service

We are a one-stop shop that takes full responsibility for your online presence. If we have the resource/skill set, then we will take care if it. If not, we’ll refer you to our expert partners. It's like getting a senior practice manager without the burden of salary.

Bring Out Your Uniqueness

Instead of focusing only on design or developing a cookie cutter website, we will, in consultation with you, hone in on what makes your practice unique. Based on our findings, we’ll develop an online presence that attracts the right type of patients to your practice.

Traditional Business Dealing

Even though we are in the business of creating a great online presence for you, we are old fashioned in that we like to meet face to face with all our clients. We believe that there are things that can’t be replaced and that’s the human factor.

We Will Guide Your Practice With Proven And Relevant Business Plans, Based On Your Distinct Difference