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Marc Christian Godornes 2080 Solutions SEO

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts – Major in Advertising – University of San Carlos
  • Diploma with Distinction – Digital Marketing – Shaw Academy – Ireland
  • Google AdWords Certified Professional – Google

Marc has been in the freelance and web industry for the past 10+ years. He has helped dozens of satisfied clients in web development, SEO, Google Adwords, graphic design & copy writing.

A serial entrepreneur, he co-founded a few startups; Grassroots Apparel, an Australian and Filipino-owned clothing and sports apparel production company; Tambayan Android App, a one-stop app for information about, events, bars, restaurants and spots; and Titan Tees, offering customised T-shirt solutions.

Last year, he successfully sold his internet cafe business (Azul) which he started when he was 26. His background in Advertising and Marketing was a catalyst to his business’ success, overtaking far more established and bigger competitors.

Before he ventured into entrepreneurship, he was an award winning travel and commercial photographer for an international photography studio. He travelled all around the country photographing resorts, hotels and cover models for their web and advertising campaigns. He also spent a lot of time helping other businesses overseas with freelance copy writing and graphic art design.

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