Consider Doing an Incursion at Your Local Childcare Centre for Your Practice.

– So what we’re doing is you know, in marketing, I’ll often find people, dentists go to childcare centers or primary schools to do education. And often that is very exciting, but it’s very high-effort, but actually doesn’t give them a great return on investment. So what we thought we’d do is like, add a little twist to it, and what we have done is obviously, Ching is one of our clients and she’s gonna go to a childcare center where our kids actually go, as an experiment, and educate the kids on how to brush their teeth better and things like that, and what happened is, from experience, is that, other dentists, they intend to do that, and then it sort of just fizzled, so the idea is that we have to make sure whatever we give out has a loop, it actually comes back.

So what we’ve prepared is a little gift pack, right? And in here, you’ve got your typical toothbrush, toothpaste, which is, you know, standard.

Obviously, you need to put in your business card with all your contact details, right? And, I think the important part is a personalized letter that we write to the parents, that’s signed, and so we have signed over a hundred yesterday, and this is the thing that we do that’s a little bit different, which is the first third is teaching the kids how to brush their teeth, the second part is actually helping them build a good habit.

Right, and what we expect them and their parents to participate in is, every day, every morning when their kids brush their teeth, they do a little tick. So it’s like they feel like a little accomplishment. Alright, at night, tick, tick, tick, and after four weeks, and that’s how you build a habit. Right, and here’s the, I guess, twist. It’s that, at the end of the four weeks, we want the parents’ with their kid to take a photo together to say, we have completed this challenge, and we’ve formed a good habit. And then post their happy achievement photos onto Hearts Dental social media whether on Facebook, or Instagram, as long as they use the hashtag Hearts Dental, and then that way, we get notified that the photo’s been posted, and just a little something, you know, have the kid write their name and their parents, sort of, sign it just to give it more authority and not just like you know, something they do, but actually something they’ve achieved.

So it’s like a certificate of some sort, and what we do is, well, we’re gonna give them a little surprise present at the end, alright, so that way, it gives them that motivation to complete this challenge, which is actually good for them. So that’s the idea we got, and we’ll see if it actually works.

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