Discover Why Internal Marketing is 7x Cheaper than Acquiring New Customers

Naturally, our standard stuff is like, helping our clients attract new patients through the door. Now, this is terms in, once the bum’s on the seat, the client can then convert them into, from a customer, which is one-off, to a client, which is regular.

So I’m just going to a meeting with one of our clients this afternoon. And over the years, we’ve collected a lot of new patients for them, which is great. But then, the diminishing return, you know, once in a while where there’s a population around the area or whatever, we get to a point where it’s like, oh, now, what else can we do, you know?

So, one thing I wanted to think about is, what we call in-house marketing, or internal marketing. All right, so that’s like, the current database I’d say of 5000 patients, all right. Of the 5000, maybe only 2000 of them are active. So active, one that’s on regular recall, one that comes about every six months or roughly that.

[Interviewer] Oh okay, the ones that have those regular check-ups.

Yeah, and then 3000 of them, for example, would be, a patient that might have not been back to the practice for the last three years. The inactive for more than a year, then that is considered “inactive” patient.

So, obviously, assuming that the practice has been collecting all the details, where there’s an email address or a phone number. We need to come up with a few strategies on how do we reactivate the customers. But with our dentist like, how do we make it so that they patients?

An inactive one, or even active one, keep top of mine, whether it’s a specific service or whatever. So this client is, they’re one of our first clients that started with videos. So, we actually do have a few videos, all right. That is something you can, we can, any of the video’s sort of, in this stream of funnels or something that’s interesting. Can we take that video and then put it in a new set and send it out?

All right, so we used to use MailChimp, it is our sort of standard, like industry standard, because it’s free and stuff like that. Now we use HRCRM, which can do a lot more fancy stuff.

And HRCRM has a free sort of, x amount of free version as well. So if we were to, I guess this is the brainstorm about, what are some of the things we can do for our client, when it comes to in-house marketing, like internal marketing.

[Interviewer] Yeah, well, is the dental industry continually evolving in a sense of new products, new equipment, new things that get out there into the industry? But how often is that?

Well, that’s the thing, like with this client, he loves technology. So I know he’s got the 3D Printers and stuff right. And that’s good, so we can, with internal marketing, we can share news of the practice.

And once again, maybe every three months or whatever, we gather up enough news, worthy news content.

[Interviewer] The news and updates.

Yeah to push it out. And within that structure, we can have, maybe a third of them is news, a third of them is education. The thing about, you know?

And that education part, you know, the hygiene and whatever, can be recycled after, you know…

After a while, it’s a reminder, “Hey, brushing your teeth is important.” Blah, blah, blah. And once again, it requires the client to have content.

All right. If it’s video, fantastic.

And there’d be another third, the bottom part is where there’s a promotion or something that would actually–

[Interviewer] Yes, to get them in.

Involved right?

An education, well news can be part of, technology can be part of the news. “Wow, we got a new 3-D printer.”

“We now do Invisalign.” You know, whatever that is. Birthdays, you know. And the middle part is education. So it’s like, informative. “Hey, did you know, x amount of percent–” This is where infographics might come in.

With your videos or whatever. All right, something that’s of interest.

And then the last part, and I think that’s the important part, is something in there that will allow the reader to take action. And that is where the promotion comes in.

Or a reminder about oral health, you know. That’s, run this promo, or you say events like,

“We’re doing open-day at the practice,” you know, “come in for a free check-up.” I don’t know, whatever it is. Something that, is worth them registering or booking or something like that, a call to action.

And we online booking or whatever. And all that can be tracked, because we can actually put in tracking code in.

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