DJI Pocket Features | The Best Gadget You Can Get In 2019. Part 2!

– Okay, so we’re just playing a little bit more with the camera and some of the features that’s really cool. The usual, you can take photos with this. You can take videos. In video format, you can do 4K, 1080 and have different frames per second.

I think it was one of my other clients that spoke the other day about when you’re filming indoor and you have fluorescent light, you have this flickering effect. This camera actually counters that by one of the settings, which can actually do 50 or 60 Hz to mitigate that flickering effect. You also have slow-mo, so slow motion videos.

I think that’s four times…no, one-quarter of the speed. Time-lapse, so if you’re taking a sunset, or sun coming up, or moon going down, you can actually record that as well. And lastly, panoramic, which most people would know, you can stitch a photo together and get a 180º or 270º photo.

Yeah, lots of features, very excited to have a play with that.

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