So now it is the month of February and over the year’s we have noticed a very seasonal trend during the February March Period, where a lot of the Health Medical Practices the revenue or the number of patients will actually go down and the way we sort of figured out the reason is because:


One people get their Credit Card bills from the Christmas Period and they probably get a bill shock of how much they have spent on the silly season and therefore, be a bit more conservative and not put the money with the health.


The second most likely reason is because as their kids starting going back to school Parents just get busy so, thats the case they would actually tend to look after them self less and therefore, miss appointments or dont make appointments that they need.


So during this period it is actually very important for your practice to either increase your Marketing Budget to attract the new Patients or to during this slow season take your holidays, get your team members to take holidays or lastly, another one and thats most importantly is to look at your entire process.


So recently we ran a workshop with our client to look at what is the thing they can do to improve the Patient experience at the Practice. So when you have downtime always use that time for better instead of and treating your time waiting for people to come and become a victim of the season or economy or whatever it is.


so you take that opportunity to improve your business process, so that way when the season kick start again your team is more efficient at doing it and be able to take that inflow of Patients more efficiently.


So click on the link down below and you can actually go to our website and download the Patient experience workflow, so that you can use that as a base line for you and your team to start discussing what you can do to help improve the patient experience.


(Patient experience workflow link) https://2080solutions.com.au/patient-workflow/


So i would love to hear your comments down below on some of the things that you’ve done over the year during the quiet periods on what you’ve done to help improve your Practice efficiency.

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