Gift Card Saga – A Unique Idea – Episode 2

– Okay, so, the issue right now is that the gift card that Matthew designed, you know, the extended foldout, that actually had been sent by courier already yesterday, so we can get it today. But the plastic card, because of the type form in China, they had it delivered, but they actually received it, literally by a thin hair this morning, and I want to get it by tomorrow because the event’s on Sunday. If we don’t get it, the whole thing will just, the whole marketing idea will just go to pieces, because the gift card is like a $100 gift voucher, and we want to give it to people, and then, as a gesture of goodwill, say, “Hey, if you come to our practice, our grand opening, you get $100 off any of your dental services.”

– So we need to figure out a way to get from Sydney to Melbourne by tomorrow. Which is very, very exciting, and stressful at the same time. So we’re just calling the couriers now to figure out who can do it, and see if we can get it here. Hi, this is Toll in Sydney? So I’m wondering, like, if we were to be able to send something to the Sydney airport, right? Would it be delivered to Melbourne on the same day, not the next day? Or even this weekend? Right, so, what’s the instructions on what the person needs to drop it off in Sydney Airport? And, um, what’s the latest time they can drop it off? Six. Okay, cool, thank you! I just called around different courier companies, like Toll apparently is the only one that actually did it over the weekend, and unfortunately it’s too expensive, so I just called around trying to use Airtasker, which is a very cool tool, but no one can really deliver it in the time frame that we want, and on Facebook, one of my friends actually mentioned Zoom2u, and I just gave them a call, managed to book the details with a real human being, and we’ll hopefully get the product by 11 a.m. tomorrow, on a Saturday, so fingers crossed.

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