Gift Card Saga – A Unique Idea

– With one of our client opening up in the near future. The practice still being constructed. But then there’s an event that’s coming up in September that is gonna be like a Chinese moon festival event. That’s gonna be, let me think, I heard about 900 people which gonna be there for the massive event where everyone gathered together to celebrate moon festival slash a lot of other little things.


The idea is that gonna be a sponsor for that event and be able to give out something. I guess one thing that I’m very conscious of is that I’m not a big believer in being a sponsor and putting your logo on banners and slides and stuff because people will just ignore them. You need to have to give something tangible to someone. The other day, I have gift cards from Village Cinemas and also things like Jaycar. When you actually receive a plastic, good-quality gift card with value, have a serial number and everything, it actually looks valuable.


The idea we had was to create something that we can give to the guests at the event where they can take that gift card to the opening of the practice and actually use it. The gift card, it’s almost like a way to say hey, come to us, have $100 off your treatment. Doesn’t matter what treatment you’re interested in. It could be Invisalign, it could be just a checkup and clean. You can actually use it in conjunction with your private health insurance as well.


I think having a gift card that’s on your table in a red packet, no one’s gonna throw it out because it’s redeemed like cash compared to a preppy little pamphlet, which says hey, we’re opening. Come and see us. We’re gonna give the gift card idea a try, design something similar to this, obviously visually nicer with all the T&C, and see if it works

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