Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

The biggest difference between a Facebook ad and Google ad is that Google ads are very much targeted at people who are ready to purchase or, at least very close to making the purchase decision. Whilst Facebook ads are targeted more from a branding point of view, where they may not be thinking about purchasing your service but are open to suggestions of the service, or to the ad.

From a short-term point of view, Google ads are actually the best return on investment ( ROI) because the audience is ready to purchase. However that being said, there less than 10 percent of your target market is in that position.

On the other hand, with the Facebook ads, the strategy is more from a long-term point of view. Where up to 60 percent of your target market sits. And the remaining 30 percent? Well if you rounded them up, are probably surfing Facebook for videos of cats playing with dogs, or something like that.

If you are a new practice and you’re very much looking for an instant injection of new patients, Google ads will be the higher priority on the list of marketing activities for you because it is easier to justify your ROI.

But if you’re a bit more of a mature practice,  I would suggest that you add-on Facebook ads, as a long-term strategy.

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