Health Check of Your Online Presence – Part 8 – Dental Conditions

On our website, we just include information about dental treatments for our patients, all right. Things like dental implant, veneers, teeth whitening, et cetera, et cetera.

Now, that’s the biggest assumption of these treatment pages, is that the patients know the solution to their problem or their condition. And that’s why it’s important to actually put in website content, that’s the conditions, it’s about the problem itself, all right. So, you’re assuming that if, not every patients are savvy, in terms of what they know, the solution to their problem.

Some, most patient, majority of patient, they know the problems they have, whether they’re snoring, whether, they got a missing tooth and stuff, so they’ll actually search for the, how do I treat this condition that I have?

And imagine if you have your page dedicated to that condition, then search engine can find you better, patient will get better understanding of why this condition exists, all right. And in our sort of, copywriting sort of, style, what we do is we widen the way to, you know, encourage, to educate, to say, what is this condition also known as? So it could be different terminology, technical terminology.

How it happens, why did it happen? How do you solve it? And most importantly, if you don’t do anything about it, what’s gonna happen? So, this’ll actually motivate people to take action.

There’s nothing worse than patients sort of like, oh yeah, I just, I just, it just happens. I got this wisdom teeth problem, I’ll just hold onto it, until the pain becomes unbearable, then I’ll go to see a doctor. By then, you might actually have caused more issue than if you have not just gone to the dentist on the first place.

And they could have pushed your other teeth out of whack, you would’ve endured months or weeks of pain, unnecessarily. And that’s why if you don’t treat it, this is what’s gonna happen. And that’s the trigger for the people who is very passive or on the back foot.

Right, so it’s important to create content for those people who know the problem they have, but don’t know the solution, as well as the people who knows the treatment they need. Right, so then you get the best of both worlds.

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