Health Check of Your Online Presence – Part 9 – Blogs Page

This is about blogs, writing fresh content. Often I get clients that come to me and say, “Oh, hey Wally. “Do I need to create, write blogs “and you know et cetera, et cetera?”

If you’re writing blogs, that’s great because- but you have to remember what is the purpose of a blog. You’re not writing a blog so that search engines can index you or to find you, make you more visible online.

If that’s your intention, you’re already going down the wrong path. The reason why you write blogs is to help inform and educate potential patients. I always said that people are searching for a condition they might have, or a solution they’re seeking. So trying to solve their issues, or trying to fulfill their pleasure.

When you write blogs if you have the intention of educating them, then the blog will actually be more relevant. And sort of like, “What keywords do I put in? “How many words do I put in?” The blogs or the content, you write as much as you can to intrigue them, to educate them, but not enough for them to think they know it all. Because ultimately everyone’s situation is different.

A patient still needs to see a doctor in order for them to treat their problem. In the sense of writing blogs, instead of, and I know for a fact that dentists don’t have time. And nor are they professional writers. They know a lot about their subject, but they might not be a good writer. And just like this, we’re doing now. We’re documenting the things I know a lot about into a video.

The next evolution of blog writing is, to say, make videos. And as a doctor, you answer whatever questions, so think of blogs or video content as glorified FAQ, frequently asked questions. And all they have to do is get someone to ask the specific question, they answer it, record it. And then from there what we can do is take that video, we will transcribe it, and this is where we add in the caption into the video so that when people watch the video without sound they can actually still understand what the video’s about.

On top of that, we’ll take the transcription and when you embed this video onto the website, there’ll be a website, and this way you’ll have a website in the video for humans to consume the content, to be educated. Underneath it will be text. So it’s one stone two birds scenario.

Killing two birds with one stone. And you’re doing the blog, the text, which for the search engine to crawl through. Eventually, I think Google will evolve to a point where they actually understand videos and audio.

So they don’t need to do that as much anymore. But as some educating for people who might be auditory or visual people. People who are visual might want to read. Or people who want to listen or watch a video. It’s up to them.

But the important fact is you want to just put your effort on things that matter and just create this video and then you can actually be used on websites, social media, in a different format. To cater for everybody. So it’s repurposing you’re content. So that’s something that’s really, really important.

So we’ve got plenty of other videos similar to this where it helps you with the marketing of your practice. Either subscribe to us on YouTube or like us on Facebook to be notified the next time a video comes out.

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