How Does Social Media Compliment Website & SEO? | in Attracting New Patients

On my way to see a client with my marketing coordinator, discussing the importance of not just having a strong website to attract new patients and a strategic GoogleAds campaign running – BUT why social media is also a vital part of being visible to attract the ‘right type of patients’. 

If your website and online presence is already great, meaning that your SEO and Google Adwords website rankings are already doing a good job in attracting new patients; then what’s the point of having social media on top of it all, right?

Yes, good question. So the idea is that – your website and Google Adwords campaigns are the bread and butter of bringing you new patients.

When you bring in new patients with Google Ads and SEO you don’t get to choose what kind of patients they are. In a way, the ball is in the patient’s court. It’s the new patient’s call.

They type in “dentist in Preston” or whatever suburb they’re living in and they find you. They see that you have a good online reputation and they click on your website because you provide the treatment they are looking for and really want. 

You can make it even easier for them. If your website has an online booking option, they can easily double-click to book themselves in. 

That is the general flow, right? That works well. Like I said, you get the volume, but you don’t get to pick the kind of patients you get in return. 

However – by using social media, you get to share and show your practice’s philosophy and mission. 

The best way to do that is to record a video like we’re doing right now – we are giving you an insight into how we think and who we are. 

If our client decided to do that, then they would attract the type of patients that fit their philosophy. 

For example, if they’re a cosmetic dentist who is really, really detail oriented – everything has to be perfectly lined up – then they will attract that kind of patient clientele. That is actually a good thing, because they will appreciate their attention to detail. It’s a perfect match!

For us at 20-80 Solutions, we are business minded and as a medical marketing agency we don’t go into that kind of detail – hence the whole 20-80 principle/philosophy. 

This means that we put in 20% of our client’s effort and resources to create an absolute minimum of at least 80% return on investment.  

Along with that 20-80 principle, we recognise that improvement is essential. Therefore, we will attract the type of client who cares about results and the improvement of their overall business. 

But – other clients just focus on the little details and get caught up in them. We know that this will impact their results, because they are perfectionists who cannot launch a website on time (and miss out on potential patients). 

Well, these clients we have to be careful about. We wouldn’t do them a good service and we’ll actually politely say no to them in some cases.

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