A lot of dental practices without some kind of signage outside to show people that you are here. You’re losing out on a lot of opportunities. If let’s say, your practice is actually outside a busy, with the foot traffic, or car traffic area, I will recommend, at the nature strip, put some kind of an A-frame. Alright? The A-frame work, I guess, different from your typical signages that’s facing the road. The A-frame actually point out that side. Alright?

The cool thing about that is that people will see you. Make sure the A-frame is simple, alright? You don’t want to put too much branding and stuff like that. Just put word dentist with the number. Lets say you’re on 500 Middlebar Road. Just put the number 500 there. Sometimes the A-frame can attract patients where they actually looking for you, but they just not quite sure where you are because it is the first time they come to your practice. But they see, “Oh, I’m looking for 500 Middlebar Road, there’s 500 there, I’ll turn in.” It just makes it very convenient for patients looking for your practice.

When you’re doing the A-frame, right, one other thing you have to remember is that, you do have to actually get council approval. If you just put out A-frame like that it can be illegal. Once you get the council approval, usually takes about a month or two. It’s just a very simple form that you fill out, telling them what the design on the A-frame is and how big the A-frame is. The typical size is 600 by 900 mil. Which is pretty solid.

If, lets say, you don’t want to drag in and out the A-frame on daily basis, carrying with your bare hands, you can actually put the little wheels on the bottom, a little handle on the side, and you can wheel in and out just like a rubbish bin. It’s really, really important that you have a A-frame to allow the traffic to see that you are here.

So, that’s a little tip from 2080 Solutions.

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