I just got a new mug from my team which says ‘Just 20-80 It’ and I just want to explain why I find this a very meaningful and great present. It’s because 20-80 is a philosophy that we follow here at 20-80 Solutions. The name came from the Pareto Principle which – originally it’s actually the 80-20 rule – means that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your patience. And the reason why we flipped it around to 20-80 is that, in hindsight it’s easy to explain the cause of an effect, but in reality, we live in the present and we have to focus on the 20% of the effort that will make 80% of the result. So the principle around 20-80 is: focus on the things that makes the difference. When I tell the team, ‘Just 20-80 It’ – that’s sort of my slogan – it means to put in more effort on things that actually makes a difference. So when you say ’20-80 It’, what it means is that we want to focus on the effort to create the maximum impact.




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