Mothers Day Campaign Debrief

– So, objective? All right, so run the I think we said 20, right? 20 sign-up.

– Yep.

– For Mother’s Day. That was our objective, right? Result, did we get it?

– No. Reason? Demographics?

– First one was the demographic, yeah.

– Yeah. Culture, Insulting to moms.

– [Matt] It’s a learning experience for us too.

– Yup, any other reasons? [Hamza] From what I think is, we initially planned to run ads on Instagram as well, but I don’t think we ended up doing Instagram. Because I remember we discussing that, especially youngsters are more on Instagram these days and hence we will do Instagram as well and market those videos on Instagram, but I think we missed that path- [Matt] Appealing to the younger audience. [Wally] Yup.

– That being said right, the Instagram crowd might be so young they can’t afford it anyway for their mom, right? But I think that ultimately it’s the, it’s this-

– [Jay] Insulting.

– Yes.

– Okay, so, because that’s the baseline yeah? If that doesn’t work, everything else on top of that, if we went for Instagram channel, we’d probably get more clicks, more awareness, but still no converting,

– because of that reason.

– Yeah.

– Anything else?

– [Matt] No, I think the deal itself is very appealing, so there’s no problem from the actual offer itself side.

– Yeah. [Wally] One thing I did notice, and that’s probably the response, I think that we did take a lot, this is just our internal stuff, we did take a lot longer than originally planned, right? And this is one of the hardest things to do, department side, is I do give good estimates, so we need to improve and also setting my expectation, as well. Originally, I thought, “Oh, this is a campaign. I just run it. It takes roughly half a day per person.” I think in the end it took like three solid day per person, if not longer.

– [Hamza] Yup.

– [Jay] Why was that?

– [Jay] Because it was sort of like our first time to do a campaign like that though, or? [Hamza] No it was like, at times it was like, back and forth discussing how do we change this, change that? [Wally] Yeah, there was a lot of-

– [Matt] meticulous detail thing that you had to be careful of.

– Yep. And also first time doing the PayPal. It took a while [Matt] I think it was also the delivery of the gift cards if someone did post, they’re sending it off via mail, so we had to give the cut-off time and an option for delivery or pick up.

– Ah but that wasn’t an issue though. I’m saying it took each of us longer to-

– Oh yes, for the development.

– design all that stuff. So there was a lot of following back on the design, just a bit like the pull up banner There’s a lot of things that maybe I didn’t communicate the idea solidly enough, and yeah, so.

– It was my side too, for misunderstanding, so communication. But as you said, it was mainly the Caucasian-Australian which was saying that the gift was not a relative gift or maybe if there’s another way we can portray the product rather than a gift, like some way to make it less insulting. You know what I mean? It’s perceived as insulting, it’s not an insulting thing.

– I don’t think dad’s care about, it won’t be insulting as, yeah.

– [Matt] They’ll be like, “Oh yeah, I’ll have good teeth, why not?”

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