How Mouthguards Sponsorship Can Bring You The Highest Possible Return?

Instead of giving something up. Their sponsorship costs like six thousand dollars a year, I know, at the highest tier. I always try to focus on, what is the minimum amount of effort cost that you can spend or invest to get the maximum amount of return?


So one other trend I’ve noticed over the years is that a lot of dental practices would sponsor some kind of a sporting club to show that they care about the community, the local community, and therefore they sponsor some kind of financial thing. Then the sports club will then put their updated banners, or put their dental logos on their jersey. From that, analyzing the numbers I’ve never actually seen a very good what they call return on investment because of the investment. I sort of come up with the idea, and we’re implementing this for one of our clients … Instead of giving something up, their sponsorships costs like six thousand dollars a year, I know, at the highest term. I’m always trying to focus on, what is the minimum of effort cost that you can spend or invest, right, to get the maximum amount of return?


So, I did one of my ideas. I came up with this … and we’re executing for this client, is they had their own suck down machine so they can make their own mouth guard. We would sponsor the entire football club with a free mouth guard, and what we’ll do is we’ll make the color of the mouth guard the same color as the logo, or their jersey or their club color. The benefit of this for the club is that if every single player gets their own mouth guard in the same color, it actually makes them look a lot more united.


Secondly, the customized mouth guard will actually improve the athlete’s performance because they can breathe better, they can not get obstructed, like get distracted with the mouth guard in their mouth when they’re playing a sport. That’s the benefit for the club. For the practice, the benefit for the practice is that it would be low cost. Obviously, it takes time to create the mouth guard, but it maybe takes ten minutes to do an impression and another ten minutes to make the mouth guard itself. I guess the real benefit, the real what I call return on investment, is when the players come to the practice they also bring their family members with them. Imagine if you have a football team of twenty people, you’re going to be influencing twenty families. That’s an opportunity for them to come and check what your practice is about.


Some of the sort of side benefit you can do on top of that is when the players come in, whether they’re coming in one or two or three, what you can do is depending on whether they’re visually good for social media … I can even ask them to, “Hey, let’s just do a little quick time-lapse video about you guys doing the fitting,” because you show the process. Get them involved in making videos, content for your practice.


Obviously, as a health medical professional, you’re not allowed to have testimonials, but what you can certainly do is show the benefit of having a custom mouth guard. Or get the players to talk about whether it made a difference to the way they play the game.


I’d love to hear your comment do below … What are some of the sort of community service or community support things that your practice has done over the years? Whether the investment had a good return on investment or whether not, make a comment down below and we’d love to hear your thoughts about how you make a difference to your practice.

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