guess this is a very common trend with people who don’t make a video on a regular basis, is coming up with a topic that’s too basic or too common. For example, one of the things that we’re gonna do this time is preventative dentistry. “What toothbrush should I use?”. That’s a good topic but what are some of the what we call, “branching off topics” you can add on top of that?


I learned from this movie called “The Patriot” from Mel Gibson years ago when he said in the movie, “Aim small, hit small”. That’s one philosophy that we follow here at 20-80 Solutions. What that means is, for example, “What toothbrush should I use?”. Most likely the dentist will talk about, you know, soft bristle versus hard bristle, et cetera, et cetera. But if you put it in a context of let’s say, a parent. “What toothbrush should I use for my two-year-old?”, “What toothbrush should I use for my 10-year-old?”. That’s the aiming smaller and hitting smaller. What that means is that when the parent of the 10-year-old do see that video, they can completely relate to that video and share with their peers or other mothers in the mother’s group for example. Or we can talk about “What happens when my kid fell asleep?”. Like a toddler, fell asleep. And this has happened to us a lot where, you know, in the chair, the car seat they fell asleep on the drive home. What do we do in that circumstance? “What toothbrush should I use to not make them wake up and become grumpy?”. Those are the type of spin-off topics you should consider. It’s very, very specific and very, very targeted. Therefore, from a marketing point of view, and the ability for the people in the audience who watch that video to be able to share with their family and friends to be more likely. Alright? Otherwise, a general topic gets overused and a bit boring.


Go for small. “Aim small, hit small,” as Mel Gibson said. I’d love to hear your comment down below and some of the ideas you come up with that’s very, very specific and very niched.

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