Upgrade your business with Online Consultation

Online platform has been around for a long time but there has never been a reason to improve your process until now. Due to the new norm, majority of the business needs to be conducted online now, so join the revolution or become irrelevant!

This simple system will allow your clients to book an available slot from your calendar, prepay for the consultation and facilitate a video conference with ease. All that for a one-off $495 setup.


Current Macro Trend

The huge spike in videoconferencing uptake across the world is at its strongest in countries with the most rigorous lock-downs in 2020 and it’s looking it the macro trend will only continue to get stronger, with Zoom being the leader.

Global Video Conference Trend
Zoom Trend 2020

How Does It Work?

Clients to Book a Meeting Via Web Interface

The booking system will only show available slots based on your Google/Outlook calendar. Whether it’s one-on-one meeting or group session. Taking into consideration time-zone, buffers and daily limits etc.

Online Calendar Schedule
Paid or Unpaid Consultation

Paid & Unpaid Scheduling

Your meetings can be setup as paid or unpaid. This means you can you it for new client acquisition or use it for you current clientele. A paid session will only be scheduled after the client makes an online payment, reducing no-shows.

Conduct Video Conference

Once the desired time slot is selected and payment made, a video conference link will be generated and sent to both you and your client’s calendar. Then the only thing you need to do is work your magic!

Business Video Conference

System Integrations


Terms & Conditions: The $495 package includes a 30 mins video conference consultation, setting up a single Calendly account (14 days free trial, then you’ll need to pay for ongoing subscription), integrate to an existing calendar (Google Suite or Outlook), integrate with existing Paypal or Stripe account, integrate to Zoom (free account) and you will receive a web script to put onto your website. Additional ad hoc work can include setting up your Google Suite account, setup team Calendly, integrate with CRM, integrate/build your website and online marketing etc.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get you online and connecting with your clients

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