Penguin 3.0 Google Update, Should You Be Worried?

The famous Google killer penguin is at it again, terrorising the black-hat SEO practitioners and penalising the offending websites. If you’re one of those effected, shame on you for using dodgy links to boost your website’s rankings. However it’s never too late to turn away from the dark-side. By practicing white-hat SEO and following the guidelines and best practices, you’re ensuring you never need to fear the killer penguin even if it’s version 18. If you think about it, white-hat SEO is really just common sense and hard work. Yes it might be slower to get the results you want, but it’s the proper way, and the only way we would ever recommend and practice ourselves.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new penguin update, check out the Fobes write-up about it. If you’re interested in getting help with good old fashion white-hat practice, subscribe to our eBooklet first to get some wholesome information, then contact us when you’re ready to take that leap with us (holding your hand of course 😉

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