Frankston Anaesthetic Services

A brief overview of the entire project from start to end

Project Overview

A group of 26 specialists down at peninsula area who has been around for a long time and had a website done in the 90s looking to rebrand and redevelop their outdated online presence.


Services Provided

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Web dev

Website Development



The original website was extremely outdated, lacked human factor and didn’t have a real brand. The client wanted something new but wasn’t sure what they want. Plus having so many stakeholders to get consensus was difficult. One of the main driver for the improvement was also to digitise the new patient registration process as previously it was all done on paper and fax which is both slow and inconsistent.


We designed a meaningful that incorporated the Mornington Peninsula area into the brand and kept with the professional blue & navy colour for consistency with the old colour scheme. To bring life and personality to the website, we coordinated with a professional photographer and had everyone of the specialist portrait taken and placed onto the website. Finally we create a smart online form to help with the new patient registration process that takes into account security and ease of use and thus helped the clinic improve overall efficiency significantly.


Project Results


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Reduced page loading from 9.7s to 3.7s

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