The Look Orthodontics

A brief overview of the entire project from start to end

Project Overview

The client was a new partner at the orthodontic practice and being young and savvy with technology as well as business, he single handedly took on board the management of the practice’s entire online presence. However, after a while, the workload got a little too much to manage so he seeked out professional help.


Services Provided

Web dev

Website Development





Video Content Production



The website was extremely cumbersome and thus performance was a major issue. With slow loading time, it means the majority of the new visitors would bounce out before giving them a chance. On top of that, as the website was originally put together without much planning, especially considering they had multiple locations, it was hard to navigate and thus lacked good user experience.

Finally, though they had a budget for marketing, it wasn’t being tracked and thus the management team wasn’t able to assess which channel was producing the best ROI thus they were reluctant to more in each channel without more clarity.


As the website had lots of content we didn’t feel comfortable rebuilding it from scratch (why fix it if it’s not broken). Instead we spent our effort on restructuring the website so that it becomes more user friendly (eg, added search feature, rearranged navigation and consolidated contact number) and improved loading speed by migrating it onto our dedicated server as well as using professional caching and compression programs to reduce loading time.

As the practice is relatively large in the northern western suburbs of Melbourne, they were also open to pushing for innovative ideas which is why they were one of our first client to signup for our video production services. And did it pay off… One of the video went viral, reaching over 13 million viewers in less than 2 years and become one of the top 5 braces videos ever to be


Project Results


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Reduced page loading from 9.7s to 3.7s