Trowse Chiropractic

A brief overview of the entire project from start to end

Project Overview

The client is a well established Chiropractic clinic in Adelaide with a very outdated and buggy website. Over the years they never bothered putting effort into the website until the principal practitioner had new associates which means an increase in new patient numbers is needed to help fill their appointment books.


Services Provided

Web dev

Website Development






The original website was not mobile friendly and was hardcoded which means the owners was unable to update the website without technical knowledge. The website was also plagued by lots of usability issues as well as poor loading speed. On the other hand, the client does social media really well (both Facebook and Instagram) yet it wasn’t evident by the website at all.


We redeveloped the website with WordPress and helped the client with ideas on copywriting. We also coordinated with the photographer to make sure good photos were taken and put onto the website for personalisation. In order to show the massive engagement and popularity of the practice of their social media, we also pulled Facebook and Instagram panels onto the website to make the visitors aware of how popular this practice is via their website.


Project Results

SEO Ranking: #1 for ‘Chiropractor Adelaide’ within 3 months of launch.