Yarrahills Chiropractic

A brief overview of the entire project from start to end

Project Overview

Yarra Hills Chiropractic has been operating a very successful clinic in the Lilydale area for a number of years. They previously attempted to create a website however it was unsuccessful because the web developer they hired didn’t give them enough guidance, which caused the development to drag on for over two years without any results.

The business had a steady flow of referrals which brought them a constant flow of new patients, however we discovered that new patients were taking up to a few months to contact the clinic after their friend or family had referred them.

Motivation for new patients to see the chiropractor was slow. Even with the long referral turnaround, the principle chiropractor was reaching full capacity and needed to find a way to balance and distribute the workload among his associates so he could focus on the business development and operations.


After meeting with Yarra Hill Chiropractic we knew that it was important the website focused on the strengths of their already successful business and amazing customer service, we put an emphasis on the people of the clinic instead of just their services. We also considered user experience and divert newly referred patients to the other associates through clever ways of presenting information.


Services Provided

Web dev

Website Development



2080 Support


Prior to 20-80 Solutions, Yarra Hill Chiropractic hired a web developer who after two years still had not launched their website.
The principle chiropractor was reaching full capacity meaning he had less time to focus on the business development and operations.
They relied only on referrals to generate new patients however it can take up to 3 months before the referee took action.


Increased Local Visitors To Website By 209% Within 4 Months​

  • While their previous web developer struggled to launch their website after 2 years we were able to launch within 4 months. We worked closely with Yarra Hill Chiropractic to ensure we understood their business and proactively managed the project to ensure a timely launch.
  • Used the website to divert newly referred patients to associates, allowing the principle chiropractor to focus more time on the overall business operations.
  • Turnaround for referrals reduced from 3 months to around 1-2 weeks after the website launched.
  • Through white-hat search engine optimisation we were able to increase unique local visitors to the website by 209% within 4 months.
  • AdWords was used to complement some of the keywords that takes longer to rank initially.
  • Re-branded, giving their logo a fresh modern feel.

Project Results

Website Launched Within 4 Months

1 %
Increase in website traffic
New Patients A Week