Running an Effective Team Meeting is Important | Team Meeting Ideas | Team Meeting Benefits

– So we just had a team meeting with our clients, to help them with their internal business meeting. It’s really, really important to get the people together and listen to their opinion and have a good team meeting because that’s where you get the bind of a team.


Instead of you, as a practice manager, always constantly dictating what they need to do, by hearing what they have to say, because they’re on the ground, they’re the ones who actually, you know, in the front line dealing patients directly and they have the best ideas that can come out of them if you let them, the opportunity.


So, one tip I can give any of our clients is to make sure you have a regular team meeting, and when in the regular team meeting don’t make it a dictation, let them contribute, hear their ideas, maybe they have come up with 10 ideas, you pick the best three that might align with what you’re thinking of the most. And there you go, that’s how you become a better leader, by listening more. So make sure you organize team meetings.

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