Domain Management and

Ensure your web strategy is built on the right foundations

Email Hosting
(Google Business Suite)

Emails are the lifeblood of any business and thus it’s critical that it never goes offline. It needs to be accessible anytime, anywhere with any device, securely and timely. One top of that it needs to have strong spam filters and affordable, which is what we use Google Suite (formerly Google Apps) for all our clients. You will also get the full benefit of Google Drive cloud storage, calendar, office suite and more.

Domain Registration

Never have your domain expire or misconfigured causing a detrimental impact on your reputation and loss of sales. The process of getting your domain or your unique web address might seem straightforward, but often there are pitfalls when not handled properly. Our service ensures you never need to worry about a thing.


Website Security

The security of your website is absolutely critical which is why as part of our standard maintenance we look after the updating and patches to ensure the website is as secure as possible. On top of that, if there are any secure transmissions (SSL certificate) required for handling confidential patient information (a legal requirement), we will look after that too.

Website Hosting

Our website hosting is done locally on Australian web servers to ensure performance, compliance and better search engine results. Just like the domain, our service ensures you never need to worry about server upgrades, downtime, backups and restores as we handle all that for you.



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