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Having a great website is a great start but useless if no one can find it. Understanding the psychology of how people search for their health/medical provider is important to get your practice, maximum exposure and thus attracting potential new patients. This includes keywords like your name, associates, brand, services, profession, industry, locality and equally important, the conditions that they want to be treated for. Having high page rankings is simply a positive side-effect of having a good quality website with great content and excellence user experience achieved through experience and good old fashioned effort.



The use of Adwords is extremely powerful and cost effective when used correctly. It can act as a supplement to the SEO strategy to increase coverage and fill gaps which can take time to establish. Having Adwords setup and being trained properly means you will have full control over your advertising budget and the inflow of new patient numbers. This means turning it on when your appointment calendar has gaps or off when you’re fully booked for a couple of weeks.



Sometimes a potential patient will visit your website but not proceed with a confirmed appointment. Our remarketing practices ensure we stay in touch with them and convince them to come on board at a later date when they are ready. Having consistent and strong brand recognition will ensure your practice build up trust and thus increase the chance of them becoming a patient in the future.

Google Directory

(My Business)

Google’s My Business Directory is the source for Google Map listing, which is one of the most important directories to be on for any business with a physical location. This is also where patients can review your practice or look for important information such as opening hours and address before even opening your website.

Online Directory


Besides Google directory, there are hundreds of other online directories which helps potential patients to find your practice. Commercial sites such as Yellow Pages, WOMO, True Local or government/industry sites like Human Services Directory, ADA and associations directories. It’s important to ensure all these sites are up to date and accurate to decrease confusion, allow patients to find your practice easier. We assist you in maintaining all these directories as part of our support.



Google Analytics is like an x-ray but for websites. It gives much greater insights into how your visitors use your website and their behaviours. Having this information allows us to tweak and improve to your website on an ongoing basis and thus making it easier for the visitors to achieve their goals – which is to contact your practice.



There is an infinite number of marketing messages we can send your potential patients. Some work better while others not as well. Through A/B testing we can identify the ones that work most effective and continue to improve the results through continuous monitoring and testing iteration to ensure best possible results. A small increment in improvement will ensure massive improvement to your bottom-line in the long run.

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