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Go EIEIO (Entertaining + Inspiring + Educative + Involving + Offer) with our social media strategies


A visit to a practice may mean a lot of waiting time for the patient or whoever accompanies them. By proactively addressing their possible wait times and ensuring a Facebook check-in, you are creating a happy patient and ‘social reach’ as friends of your patient sees that check in. This is a double win because you can be part of their conversation while generating new opportunities such as location-based marketing.


Strategy & Management

Each social media platform has its unique strength. Facebook is perfect for engagement, YouTube is ideal for edutainment and LinkedIn will help your professional profile. We will sit with you and get to know your practice, and your patient types better and thereafter, formulate long-term content plans that generate valuable online interactions, which lead to awareness and long term business.

Social Media


Where your website is ideal for people who are actively seeking a solution, Social Media is capable of triggering interest and the subconscious, so a person who has been thinking about a procedure for a long time can be encouraged to get it done now. This is managed through a mix of strategic content and marketing that content to potential audiences. The result will be a fan base or a following who are genuinely interested in you.

Social Media

Setup & Optimisation

Social media can be a confusing jungle of time draining black hole that doesn’t necessarily yield results. It’s, however, important to remember social media is a platform to show your personality and branding so that you can attract the type of clientele you want. Our approach will help you understand the strength of each platform and develop strategy and content that will result in real engagement. Imagine posts on Facebook your fans will truly appreciate and share, thus attracting more people just like them to your practice.

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