Tips On Prolonging Websites Lifespan Beyond 2-3 Years

– So this is a little bit sentimental for me because Smile Council’s actually one of our first ever client at 20-80 Solutions. In fact, they were actually a client before 20-80 Solutions was formed. So over the last four, five years now, they have gone through a lot of change in their business. Gone from a single practice to multiple practices and with a lot of team members. And just with anything in business, business always changes and I always say that a website is a reflection of your business. And that’s why a website needs to change just as much as your business. And reflect and make sure it keeps up, right? Yeah, so after about five years, you had to catch up with a client.


– In our last quarterly meeting and had a chat about what can we do to improve. And one thing that we sort of noticed was that the website’s looking a bit stale. It’s been the same thing for the last five years, and we thought, you know, let’s do a refresh. The theory is a website actually only has roughly a lifespan of two to three years. But because I think we put a lot of emphasis on making sure our client’s websites are up to date with their content, the latest trend, and we always put little bits and pieces. I remember sticky footer.


Something that you implemented in the past and then because it worked really well, we went back to all our previous client that’s on support and updated their sticky footer. So it makes it easy for patients.


– It’s more user-friendly.


Easier for patients to contact their business. Over a long period of time, you do get to a point where you end up, you can continue building on little things here and there, but it’s ready for a refresh. So the good thing about this project is that we had you sit down with the client and talk us through what we did.


So basically what we did was we checked the old website. The old website was very old fashioned. It was having a box layout, which is very old now. Now the current trend is having a full-width website with more real photos and having, you, know its more like, having the practice’s personality, bringing it onto the web. So connecting your website with the practice really well. So that’s what the new website is doing.


– Notice the new website is a lot bigger, bolder like really emphasize. This client actually spent a lot of money on doing good photos and stuff, really emphasize that visual element. One of the best point, which I think I discussed with Hong, that is our client, was initially they were more focused on himself. Now on the new website, they are more focused on the public, for the patients. So I think the new website brings that in and shows more towards public focus as they care towards the patients more.


– That’s what I noticed for, even for 20-80 Solutions website, when we first started our first version. It’s very ego-centric. We can do this better now. We have achieved this, but then over that time, we realized, you know what, at the end of the day, the visitors, they don’t care about you.


– They care about themselves. So you need to make sure the website reflects that as well. I was talking about what is the benefit of the visitor. What was the benefit for them to come visit us or contact us? The client that we had, that had the oldest website when we took on, was 1992.


– Then that means ’92. It was last year when we did the website, so it’s 15 years.


– 15 years for a website. You need to think about perception. What does the public think of you when you have such an old website.


– If you have an old website, does that mean you have an old clinic? If you have an old clinic, does it mean you have an old-fashioned way of thinking about business and how you treat patients? Your website is your first point of contact with any potential new patients. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you do get your website right and therefore, you can now use that to attract the right clientele. Yeah so.


– You know, comment below if you know what’s the oldest website you’ve seen and what do you think about it? Is your website looking a bit old? If so, comment below, we can have a quick free assessment of your online presence and not just looking at the website, but the holistic view of your entire online presence. To see what little things you can improve to get you to that next level.


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