Matthew Covelli

Graphics & Web Designer

  • Diploma of Multimedia and Print Design
  • Certificate 1-4 of Graphic and Printing Arts

For as long as he can remember Matt always had a knack for anything that involved creativity, be it films, games, music, or design. During his tertiary years in school he earned 2 Dux awards for the highest achieving works in Visual Communication and Design, and Technical Communication and Design, while also showing a particular interest in I.T. following with studies in Computer Science.

When the latter of his high school years were coming to a close he decided to make the change from chasing a career in Architecture in favor of Graphics Design, particularly in physical print and later in his Tafe educational studies; the addition of digital media and website design wherein he earned his diploma in Print & Digital Media Design.

Throughout that time Matt was always tinkering and learning, building his own computer systems, learning about new design trends and skills alongside with upcoming tech that intrigued him. Taking up hobbies such as 3D modelling, animation, and even some audio mixing.

Matt has always been more of an introvert in his private life, forgoing clubbing and loud places for a quiet night in to some movies, tv shows, games (cyberpunk usually being a returning contributing subject for him), online chats, or simply hanging out with his friends grabbing a bite to eat, playing at arcades or catching a movie at the cinema, enjoying the simplicities in life.

Having over 10+ years experience in the design industry, Matthew always looks for a design challenge tackling it head-on, and striving to work with a positive and welcoming attitude to any client he meets, while using music to inspire his design creativity. He strives to bring the very best he can to wow and impress clients, while always remaining humble, taking joy in hearing from his clients how happy they are with the results.

Special Interest

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Simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.

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