Patient Workflow

Improve your practice at every stage of your work.

Dental Patient Workflow

These Workflow Charts are designed to get you and your team talking about where you could improve your practice at every stage of your work.

For example – how could we enhance patient experience when they’re waiting in the foyer? When is it appropriate to recommend elective treatments or mention your social media and reviews platforms?

We’ve mapped it out to make it easy for you, as well as some suggestions. Of course it’s open to you to interpret and plan this to how you see fit for your practice. If you like guidance, our marketing director, Wally Chiang, can also provide Workflow Workshops to get you to really knuckle down continual improvement and enhanced patient experience for your practice!

You could click on the pictures below, or follow the links for PDF versions:

Dental Patient Workflow
Chiropractic Patient Workflow