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A brief overview of the entire project from start to end

Project Overview

The original website for Elizabeth Street Physiotherapy was created with Weebly, a free simple web creation software which has limitations in terms of the customisation. The website had been receiving consistent and gradual traffic over the last couple of years, however with the changing environment of the digital world and the limited features of Weebly, the bounce rates for their website began to increase overtime (bounce rates show how quickly users are exiting the website before engaging with it).

This means that while they were getting consistent and gradual traffic to their site, the appearance and users experience was not in line and up to date with the current standards therefore causing people to leave their site before browsing and reading any content.

We redeveloped a new website using WordPress with more focus on user experience and good quality content. We also helped create videos that are used to demonstrate to patients the exercises that they need to follow as part of rehabilitation in between visits to the clinic. This saved significant amount of time for the physiotherapist, as they previously tried to describe the actions through stick figure drawings.


Services Provided




Web dev

Website Development



  • A lot of money was spent with Adwords that wasn’t converting to actual patients
  • Original website doesn’t have have a good user interface and call to action triggers
  • Explanation of the standard exercise to be done at home was time consuming and difficult due to traditional medium (drawing on paper)


  • Decrease the average bounce rate from 80% to 61% after the new website launch
  • Increased the average engagement (pages per session) by 35% and average visitor duration by 87%
  • Saved up to 5 minutes per patient visit on explaining the rehabilitation exercises
  • Increased Adwords efficiency by blocking non relevant keywords therefore giving the client savings of 48%
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Project Results