Delivering Wow || Our Core Values || Behind The Scene

I just got a package from the mail. It’s what I’m expecting. It’d be a really cool little thing we can add to our 20, 80 solutions.


So, we went through our quarterly meeting about a month ago and we talked about what else we can add to our core values and it’s one of those things that we always talk about, making sure that we set our client’s expectation. And that includes all the communications and delivering something that we’re proud of so that they are proud of as well.


So, that’s why we have a new core value to talk about, delivering wow. We always exceed our client’s expectations. This is sort of like analogy of like how do you get that fifth star on online reputation, on an online review. So yeah. This’ll sort of go nicely in our core values. And now it’s something we can always refer to in the future.

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