Hearts Dental

A brief overview of the entire project from start to end

Project Overview

Hearts Dental is a brand new practice opening in a saturated market in the suburb of Melbourne. Previously working from another location as an associate, the client is an experienced and multilingual dentist so we were able to use that to her advantage.


Services Provided

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Web dev

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As the suburb she use to work at is over 25km away, there was little chance starting with a strong base line. Also the suburb she is opening her practice had over 13 dental clinic in the same suburb and well over 30 dentists within a 3km radius, it was hard to stand out from the crowd. However as she approached us well before she started her new practice, we had plenty of time to strategise and prepare.


The first step was creating a brand that communicates her purpose, something she can be proud of and help attract future team members with same believe. By using combine a heart with a shape of a tooth, we were able to leverage the vibrant colour that will help turn heads from bypassing potential crowd.

We also started building her reputation as a dentist well before she started her own dental practice (with the blessing of her previous employer of course as we give him plenty of notice out of mutual respect). The website was simple and homely just like the brand with the idea that when a patient walks into the practice they will feel like they are home.

As the area is too competitive, we didn’t put too much effort into SEO, instead we put more resources in SEM to get the practice kick started during the early stages. By leveraging off her cultural background, we were also able to create Chinese pages and a Wechat channel that brought in a lot of the Chinese clientele which appreciated her services. However as the Chinese clientele tend to have poorer oral health than the local Australian, we had to put a lot of resources into education by designing brochures and use videos to improve their acceptance to dental services.

We were able to help the practice owner achieve their goal of hitting the annual budget in half the time as well as creating enough demand for them to be able to hire their first associate only after 4 months after opening (industry average is 12~18 months).


Project Results