Middleborough Dental Care

A brief overview of the entire project from start to end

Project Overview

Middleborough Dental Care was established in Box Hill South September 2015. Six months prior to opening, Dr Alice Yang began regularly attending our workshops to advance her skills and understanding of business principles and management.

From our initial engagement process, we understood the clinic wanted to be known for its paediatric dentistry and orthodontics. Along with that, one of their main requirements was to ensure easy online booking on their website.

This was a particularly exciting project for us as the clinic was starting from scratch; new clinic, new equipment, new staff and a new online presence as well as establishing new local patients. Besides implementing online strategies we were able to provide assistance with a lot of offline strategies too.


Services Provided




Web dev

Website Development

We worked closely with Dr Yang to assist her with the business side of setting up her clinic. This included going software shopping with her to find the best practise management software for her needs.

Our Full Bilingual sites are an additional $1000 and due to budgets and time constraints we decided to create a one single Chinese page on her website to test the momentum and pick up rate in targeting the Chinese market.

We understand referrals among health professionals are important. In order to build her offline reputation, we assisted Dr Yang with her launch party and invited surrounding doctors. This was a successful event and helped Dr Yang begin building her reputation in the area.

Since their opening, we have continued to provide ongoing support for Middleborough Dental Care. This includes assisting them build their online reputation, set up a new Korean page and setting up their Social Media channels which is seeing very positive results.