True Thai Massage



We have been working with the owners of True Thai Massage since they started their business back in 2009 with a humble single clinic. Since then we have helped them grow to three clinics in CBD and Chapel Street with clever use of online marketing that’s 1/10th of their direct competitor’s budget with better results.

Before and After


Services Provided:
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Increased unique organic local traffic by 31% within 3 months after relaunch


& Opportunities

  • In a saturated market with significantly larger competitors
  • Wants to stand out with quality and consistency service


& Results

  • Surpass major competitor with online ranking with 1/10th of budget
  • Grew the website by over 277% since the first year’s average traffic, with an average growth of 40% compounded annually
  • Page one and number one ranking for all primary search phrases, including service, location and branding type of keywords
  • Positive online reputation with over 7 major online channels