How exactly can your business benefit from being part of the most important and influential directory on the internet?

The great thing about thing about Google+ or Google My Business is that anyone can view the star ratings on your business or practice!  That is actually a very good thing! When you go out there on the world wide web and start building your online reputation, it is important to know which channel to invest your time and effort in.

The reason is that everyone uses Google to search for information about your practice. And when they find you, the Google+ knowledge panel will show up on the right-hand side of the google search page. Allowing a user to view the star ratings of your business. So if you’ve got five reviews, and all of them are positive, they will actually see the stars before needing to read the content of the reviews itself.

Now, it is very tempting to go ask your family and friends to review your practice from their accounts, but the ACC has actually mentioned, that it is actually illegal to build fake online reviews. To avoid making that mistake, always ask your patients for feedback and reviews!

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