Eastern Plastic Surgery (Dr Frank Lin)



We were approached by Dr Frank Lin from Eastern Plastic Surgery, a plastic surgeon in Box Hill, to help him get to the next level with his business. The uniqueness we identified was Dr Frank Lin’s cultural advantage and clinical training which makes this practice ideal to attract the Asian market.

The original website was also not mobile-friendly which would have put off a lot of potential patients, and as a plastic surgeon, it’s important to be seen as innovative and progressive.

We were able to work together to redevelop their old site and make massive improvements to it by ensuring the new version is mobile friendly, all content to be bilingual and improve visual website aesthetics. On top of that, our SEO strategy added significant amount of untapped traffic from ideal clients to the new website.

Before and After


Services Provided:
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Create a full bilingual (English & Chinese) website to appeal to both the local Australian and Chinese target market


& Opportunities

  • After only a year, the original website seems to already hit a plateau with its online traffic
  • Emphasis on the qualification of plastic surgeons over cosmetic surgeons
  • Tap into the Chinese market in Australia


& Results

  • Responsive design to cater for desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Increase local Australian traffic within a 4 months period by 58% with the use of white-hat SEO strategies

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