Online Booking Availability – Episode 2

The online booking is made for the patients, not for the doctors. While talking to a lot of dentists over the years, one of the common traits I noticed is that a lot of dentists, business owners, have various scares or fear-driven mindset. And what that means is, when we talk about online booking, You should open the availability to your potential patients as much as possible. And then the biggest fear is, what if the patient judge us and say, oh how come you guys are so free? You must be not good. Or the second one is, Oh, what if my competitor comes in and see that we’re so available and then judge us?


The idea of online booking is to give convenience to your new patients. And online booking is especially important for the younger generation. We actually had a team member here recently, she put up with neck pain for two weeks. Even though I told her, go see this doctor. This hospital. And then she’s, oh, I have to call? Can’t do it through the website. Oh, I have to make a call? Oh, I can’t be bothered. So, she actually put up with the neck for two weeks. So, I actually realized I was actually the same thing. You know, I’ll put up with my back pain for a long period of time, because I can’t be bothered calling the practice. Even though I know them well, to make the booking. Just going forward and back, until you got time the suits the both of us. I just want to go online. Find online booking and visit availability. I just want to book it.


So, make sure you have the mindset that online booking is made for the patients, not for the doctors. Everyone’s busy in their own business. Don’t worry about, what, you know them judging you or looking at your books. Forget about that and you will prosper. You will have more prosperity with your online booking.

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