– So one of the things about a website is that it’s meant to be a extension of your personality and your brand. And what that means is that if you’re a Cosmetic Dentist you want to have the website match that branding, you know, the nice modern look about your practice and the type of clientele you want to attract. Nothing worse than having a website that’s generic and very stock standard and no personality which will attract the wrong type of clientele. Another thing that’s really important about websites is that you wanna make it as convenient and as easy it is for your patient to use it. You don’t wanna get them to scroll through many pages and just to have them hanging around, which is quite the old school way of thinking, being sticky, instead what you need to do is make sure the website’s information that they’re looking for can be found and consumed, i.e. read through or watch the video of as quickly as possible so that they can make an action, what we call a call to action, and one of the most important things about the action that a visitor can do is make a booking. So they can either do that through a telephone call, an email or, the most recently and most importantly, they book on-line so they can actually lock themselves into a calendar that they’re available, a time slot and then you guys would have them locked in so that you guys can actually see them at a time that’s convenient for them.


So, one other thing that’s important when it comes to web development or web design is that you have to make sure all the contact details is available to be seen straight away. So you don’t want the visitor to fluff around just to find how to contact you. And the call to action’s nice and clear and on this website, for example, book on-line is the most important call to action because we want to actually try and lock in the patient straight away when they want to make a booking at a time that’s convenient for them and then once they click book on-line they can actually go see the availability that they can use to book. So that’s a very, very good thing for, especially nowadays, everyone’s got very time poor, millennials like to use technology, they don’t actually like to call people so you need to cater for that kind of demographic. The people who want to call you can still call you so you don’t wanna remove that option for them and that’s why you need to put in the phone numbers nice and clear. When this site is used on a mobile they can actually just tap onto the phone number to give you a call. Another thing that’s really important on a website is talk about why you are different. Why should a patient come and see you over your competitors? So, for example, you can talk about the latest technology you have, you guys are friendly, you guys have experience and you guys take a payment plan. The thing that we always tell our clients to think about is not just all the soft stuff, you know like we are very friendly, we look after nervous patients, but also look at the harder black and whitenings, for example, the number of years experience you have, the additional service in terms of payment plan that you have, all right. So that way you get a mixture of the both and not be too fluffy. Now, the next one is obviously about the business.


Talk about why you started the business, what’s your philosophy around business? What is your purpose? And by demonstrating and by communicating your purpose well it allows people to connect to you at a higher level and when they connect with you at a higher level they’re able to make a decision subconsciously to come see you over your competitors. Obviously one the great thing about websites that we do is that we take personalised photos, nothing worse than having just a generic sort of website that has stock photos everywhere. The dental industry, for example, is a service-based industry and when that is the case people is the most important thing. We actually got stats to prove that home page is the most popular page, followed by the contact us, thank God because imagine if you get people come to your website and they don’t wanna actually contact you? But the third most important page is actually the people page, the team page. That’s why people want to get to know who you are before they come and see you and this is because we’re human beings, we’re social animals, we want to connect to the people we’re gonna be seeing, especially, picking a Dentist is like picking a hairdresser, it’s not something you shop around all the time. Once you’re locked in with one professional you wanna stick with them for a long time and that’s why it’s important to have those professional shots where you show who you are instead of those very typical Americanized happy family, Dentist with mask and tools on, those things don’t connect. If you read the book; The Secret, it talks about what you wish, how you can manifest what you want and in a way this is what this section, the our top dental treatment section on the home page is the part that you actually tell the outside world what you’re good at, what you are known for, and when that’s the case, people will come to you for these services.


Obviously as a Dentist you can do everything under the sun, you can fix everyone’s teeth, but the thing that you want to be known for should be things that you’re good at, things that you enjoy and there’s demand for, all right. So you make sure you tick all three boxes before you decide yep, that’s the thing I wanna be known for. In business, it’s important to find that micro-niche within a whole spectrum of things for you to stand out from your competitors. And now there’s, you know, you’ve got the corporate Dentistry coming in, they do everything cheap at a high quantity, low quality method. There’s no way you can compete with them trying to appeal to everybody about everything so make sure you find the things you’re good at, enjoy doing and there’s a demand for. So the footer is on every single page, that’s where you need to make sure the information that’s on it is important. The way we use the footer, we actually use it for SEO reasons so you can talk about, besides the suburb that you are residing, you also talk about the surrounding suburbs, that way it gives you a higher chance of being ranked well when it comes to people searching for a Dentist that’s on the surrounding suburb. You don’t wanna go too far out because psychologically and practically people are not gonna travel a long distance to see a new Dentist. They want to have the convenience of somewhere they work close to or somewhere they actually live close too, all right, so it has to be convenient. Unless you’re on the way between where they live and where they work then you can actually appeal to them in the suburbs in between. All the contact details on the footer and, obviously, we tend to put in your association and credentials in there as well. An example of that would be you’re part of ADA, you have a QIP certificate, any of the DSDs that you do, or Invisalign partnerships and stuff, you need to put in there.


And the reason for that is to help you create that authority to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. So, one other thing about the personal profile is that besides having a nice photo and a biography that’s not too long, and I always talk about, I always advise people, how much do you actually write? Whether it’s your biography or the conditions or treatments page. You write as much or as little as needed for them to be informed and intrigued but not to be confused, all right. So, in this circumstance, biography, you might write three to four paragraphs, and make sure you have a section at the end talks about you as a person. A lot of Dentists, because Dentists are engineering-minded, left brain, and they’re very much on very black and white things like their credentials, their number of years experience, where they worked, at the end you need to put in something that’s a little bit soft, a little bit, show people your warm side, talk about the kids that you have, or you know that you have, but also the sport that you play and things that you like to do outside of work. That way people can relate to you, and the reason why you should put that in is what? Is because when the patient actually comes and visits you at the practice they have something to talk to you about. Oh, I didn’t know you were actually a champion table tennis player as well, I was the school captain back in my year. Things like that, it will help you break the ice and be able to connect with the patients better.


A lot of people come to your website because they’re searching for an issue they’re trying to solve. An example of that is they might search for crooked teeth, how do I treat crooked teeth and then the suburb that they live in to find a Dentist that can do so. Not every single patient are savvy in a sense that they already know what treatment they want, all right. So you need to make sure you cater for both type of patient, those who don’t know what their treatment is but know what their issues are or the patient that already know what treatment they need in order for them to solve the issue they have, all right. So the people who don’t know what their solutions are but they know what problems they have are the people who will search for things like bad breath treatment or bleeding gum, how do I treat bleeding gum, and then putting the suburbs that they’re in to find a Dentist they can conveniently go to and from there, to help the patient flow from the problems they have to the solution that we can give them and one thing we discovered is that the general male population of the world, they tend to leave problems till last minute before they actually go and treat it and that’s why the content that we write and the conditions content that we write we actually have a section that talks about what happens if we don’t treat it, all right, to give them the knowledge that they might have less options in the future, it will cost more and will be more painful. That way you can sort of motivate them to actually take action than to wait for an emergency.


Now, in the treatments section you talk about, obviously, what you have to offer, what conditions you can treat. Obviously the website is just general information so you can’t actually triage each individual but at least give them enough information for them to be informed and then if they want to know more, they’ll come and see you in person. So there’s actually two types of pages that we create for our clients. There’s the conditions page, which is dedicated for patients who actually know what problem they have but don’t know what solution for that problem is, and the treatment which is patient who knows what problem they have and knows what solution is for the problem. It’s important to recognise those two different types of patients, that way you can cater for their needs accordingly. So with conditions page, are you missing teeth? People will search how do, obviously, how do you get missing teeth? Maybe some solution, how do you treat missing teeth? From there you want to point them from, flow them from the conditions page to the treatment page. Maybe a dental implant is a solution for the missing teeth, and from there make sure there is a very clear call to action so they can actually contact you guys and make a booking through the telephone or a web phone or on-line booking. So Dentists usually have a lot of knowledge about all the technical things that the Dentistry industry can offer but they’re not copywriters.


So what we have done is we have an in house copywriter who understands the health medical industry and they will be able to help you write the content so that it’s appealing to the visitors and at the same time SEO compatible, so that way the key words are there for people to find your website better without needing you to spend hours of your own time writing content. If you’re a Dentist you should be, your time is actually worth $400 an hour, if there’s anything that we can do for you that’s less than $400 an hour, that’s something you can outsource and that way you don’t have to be worried about spending the time and effort to write those content. Another thing about websites is that you can have the best looking website but if the website doesn’t load very quickly you’re gonna lose visitors, and on average each person only has about eight seconds worth of attention span when they come to a new website. They’re looking for a problem they have and they wanna just find the solution for it so you need to make sure the website loads and captures attention within eight seconds. And that’s why we make sure that all our websites are on a dedicated server, that’s where we put our clients, and that the website is actually hosted within Australia server. What that means is the visitor doesn’t have to go through all this internet traffic to reach the overseas server to come and see your website. All our website loads within our benchmark, it’s about two seconds, that way it gives you maximum potential of impressing the visitor so that they stay and contact you. Unlike other agencies, we don’t actually put a limit into how many pages you can have on your website.


We do as many pages as is needed in order for you to capture the right kind of clientele for your business. So that way you don’t have to worry about whether I’m getting my money’s worth to do this website. So the technology we use is WordPress because it’s probably the easiest content management system out there which allows you to update your own text, image or videos. The reason why you wanna use WordPress as a platform for yourself is also because you don’t wanna be locked in at the hip with you vendor. By using a propriety software that they created means you are unable to take your website and host it somewhere else, that’s why WordPress has been a more generic, that’s why WordPress has been a more flexible content management system. It allows you to take it and put into any web host or find a web developer that can help you continue build and expand on your website. Now on the topic of not being locked in with your vendor, with all our clients we recommend using Google Suite who host email addresses. So some of the benefits of using Google Suite is that they’re highly professional and pretty much non-existent down time because if Google goes down then you can pretty much guarantee an opponent’s gone. You get to use the Google Drive, which gives you 30GB worth of cloud storage, that’s where you can actually store a lot of your business process and documentations and images in the cloud so that you can access it at any given time. The way we set up our client is that it’s like a master key, all right.


So if ever you were to move away from us, or if you’re ever selling your practice to someone else, you can actually give them a master key that will actually control the entire on-line presence. That includes all your emails, your Google My Business, your AdWords, your Google Analytics, everything is a master key and it can be easily transferred to someone else. That way it ensures the flexibility for your business and that you can have an exit strategy.

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