Information Technology Vs Website Development ( What is the Difference?)

– So it’s important to make sure, you find the right vendors for your practice, at this certain time. So IT’s actually a very broad industry, all right. It’s very hard to say that this one IT guy’s, going to do everything that’s, technology-related for your business. So, for example, a traditional, what we call IT firm or system hardware software vendor, their job is actually to look after all hardware, the computers in your practice. All right. Look after the software, for example, the Microsoft Windows, Office, and all the software integration between, the computer and you’re OPG x-ray machines, and obviously looking after the internet and your premises.

Let’s say you get a virus, they are the first person you call to, for them to come to your practice for in-person, or remotely to clear the virus on computers. That’s what we call traditional IT, all right. Then you have within IT you have like, a lot of specialized niche’s. For example for us 20-80 Solutions we are web agency. It’s umbrella into the IT, but web agency usually looks after the domain, we look after the hosting, and the potential crossover between the IT and the web agency is the email, all right. Is the email part of the IT support or is it part of the web agency? What we do here at 20-80 Solutions, we look after the entire online presence. That’s why it includes the email, it includes the website security HTTPS, includes the website build, includes the ongoing marketing, and you know things that help you get more new patients. While a traditional IT company, yes they can do web hosting as well, and yes they can properly build the website as well, but because of their niche, it’s impossible to do everything well. So it’s important to make sure you find, the right vendors for your practice at this certain time.

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