Why playing Family Feud will help your business

Family FeudOver the last few weeks, Chanel 10 seems to be throwing a lot of their advertising space on their newly refurbished game show Family Feud. Family Feud is a game where “two families of four are brought together and go head-to-head answering questions that have been put to 100 people, to determine the most popular responses”. I remember watching Rob Brough and Bert Newton’s version of Family Feud in the 90s & 00s respectively which I very much enjoyed growing up.

The question you must be wondering is what Family Feud has got to do with your business and why would it help? The answer, its to do with understanding how your potential customers find your business online which is closely related to your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. One of the most important skill with SEO is to figure out what your potential clients would type in search engines to find your business. Figuring out the right keywords to focus on in your marketing campaign will significantly improve your chance to drive traffic to your website. For example, if you’re a personal trainer in Camberwell who specialises in getting new mums back into shape after child birth, what do you think your potential customers will type in Google to find your business? Have a go at guessing which keywords would fetch the most traffic and move your mouse over the 5 options below and see if you’re right:

  • Post pregnancy workouts
  • Postnatal exercises
  • Lose baby weight
  • Lose Mummy tummy
  • Quickest way to lose weight


The numbers represents the number of searches per month in Australia with Google (stats taken from Google Adwords Tools). Was the answer what you expected? Whether you’re good at guessing the answers or not, it’s always a good idea to validate the keywords using
Google Adwords Tool and us it to help you figure out other alternative keywords which will give you good coverage.

The next time you watch or play Family Feud, exercise that part of your brain and think about the answer from the other perspective, your business will thank you for it 😉

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