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This is gonna be very exciting because my wife’s actually starting her own dental practice and what we’re gonna be doing is we’ll be doing a lot of behind the scenes sort of episodes, where we actually look at all the marketing ideas we come up with and we execute and see where they actually give us the return on investment.


Because, over the years, as we help more and more dental practices and other health, medical professionals they always come up with us with questions like, does letter drops still work? Does radio add still work? Does doing the childcare educational programme work? And this is an opportunity for us to share all this information to our audience warts & all, and what works, and what doesn’t. No hiding it’ll be very raw, and then this would allow you guys to then pick and choose what you will actually want to do with your practice.


Because everyone has a different budget, everyone has a different appetite for risk. Yeah, so this is a very exciting time for us to share this kind of exciting content with you guys.


So make sure you follow us on Facebook, so look forward to getting more fans to get this information out to you guys.

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