Don’t Cheapen Your Brand by Discounting Add Value Instead!

– It’s not marketing in the way of trying to get more patients, right because they’re already your patients. How do you make wow them? And I think this is the thing I think all the dentists out there can learn from. Is like the little things you can add to your overall brand. Okay so I’m here with Simon, Dr. Simon who is a specialist, but he can do a quick introduction of himself.

– So I’m a periodontist, I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, and I’m a founder of Oralis360 Interdental brushes, which we’ll talk a little bit about today. Basically, my passion for dentistry is to create value for my patients in improving their oral hygiene. And one thing that I set out upon a couple of years ago was to create my own interdental brushes, which are very high quality, but produced at a sensible cost. What this has allowed me to do is provide them to my patients at either for free sometimes, as part of a service, or at a very low cost as a supplementary service to them, when they come in for their regular care. This has created enormous goodwill with my patients, particularly in compliance, benefited their teeth. And critically shows that I really care about them. I’m now making these interdental brushes available to the wider dental profession. This is the first year I’ve marketed them. My company Oralis360, which you can see the banner in the background. We’re here at DPOC 2019 having a great time. And I’m really pleased to have enormous interest actually from the dental profession so far.

– And when I walked past Simon’s table, one thing I noticed, that these things. It looks expensive. It looks very high value and one thing I talk about in marketing that doesn’t discount your service. It’s just a spiraling downward effect, everyone is always willing to undercut you. And that happens in a lot of industries, optometrists, optometry, pharmaceutical, even in architects. Architects are all undercutting each other. And in marketing I always talk about instead of discounting, what you should do is add value, and this is a great example of something that is low cost but high value. And whether it’s encouraging the patient to look after their oral health, give them a hygiene pack, you know, six months worth of toothbrush, times two, toothpaste and floss, and this is a good alternative.

– We include something like this every time they come in for their six-monthly or annual appointments, and I’ve had patients that have told me the usual story, where they’ve gone their whole life going to a dentist, and they’ve never been told how to clean their teeth properly on an individual basis, and they love it. And they tell their friends and family to come.

– Yeah, yeah.

– And it’s very satisfying.

– And that’s the whole idea of, it’s not marketing in the way of trying to just get more patients right because they’re already your patients. How do you make wow them? And I think this is a thing that I think a lot of dentists out there can learn from. Is that the little things that you can add into your overall brand, which is high quality.

– And the beautiful thing is actually probably the most ethical thing you can do in dentistry is also to spend time helping your patients help themselves with improving their plaque control.

– Yeah, and it’s a win-win right. Good, congrats for starting this great new venture.

– Thanks for talking to me today Wally.

– So how do my viewers and other dentists find out more about, or how do they order?

– Well, the best thing to do initially would be to look at our website, which is we have the regular retail pricing on there. Dentists can type in a coupon code, which is DENTIST [ D-E-N-T-I-S-T ] in capitals or non-capitals, at the checkout and you get 50% of the retail price, which allows you to pass that on to your patients, or you can charge them the normal price.

– And I think you told me if they don’t want to buy?

– Yes, we have demonstration kits as well, which are suitable for practitioners that might want to just demonstrate brushes, rather than selling them at their practice. But I would encourage you to make them available at your front desk, or if you can formulate some sort of program where you can give them to patients just to work to. If you can factor that into your pricing.

– Cool, so check it out.

– So we’ve got plenty of other videos similar to this, where it helps with the marketing of your practice. Either subscribe to us on YouTube or like us on Facebook and be notified the next time the video comes out.

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