How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

– Okay, so you have decided to start your own practice. That’s a very exciting journey. And I guess obviously you’re finding the vendor to help you build the practice. Once that’s done, you obviously want to think about the next step which is who’s gonna look after your website, your marketing?

Over the years we worked with many, many health medical practice owners to help them with their online presence. And it’s important to make sure you find the right vendor for your business, right? Ultimately you don’t wanna find someone who actually doesn’t care about your business or someone who’s too small and they couldn’t perform the result that you want.

So in the context of making this video a bit more concise, let’s stick with the topic of finding the right web developer/marketing agency for your new business. So before you begin to find a vendor, it is important to figure out what is it that you’re looking for. Are you looking for just to build a very quick website so that at least you got something? Or you’re looking for building a website that will actually help become an asset for your business and attract a lot of new patients that’s ideal for your practice? By knowing what you want will allow finding the right vendor a lot easier. That’s step one.

Step two is to actually do the search itself. The first one, the easiest one is just going online, do your online search, dentist or dental website developer or something like that. Obviously, you’ll find a lot of people out there doing websites, and then you can actually use Google to figure out their reputation, look at some of the portfolios they have done in order for you to sort of assessing whether they’re any good.

Another referral source might be asking your colleagues, right, whether they have had good experience with their web developers. And I know there’s a group called DPR on the Facebook group. There could be a lot of this close network/association groups that you can ask other people for their opinions. The worst you can do is to actually ask your family and friends to do it for you even though they give you that mates, right?

We actually got a video about this exact topic you can look into. And another one similar to a video we’ve done before about working below the line is to actually do your own website. Yes, it will save you money, but ultimately the result you’re gonna get won’t be as good if compared to if a professional do it for you. I mean ultimately you don’t want to see a patient doing their own orthodontics, right? And why would you do the same thing with your online presence?

Step three, this is now down to the crunch of comparing the different vendor that you have selected. So shortlisting, if you wanna call it. It’s important to figure out what is important to you. For example, you might think the cost is important, so you might put that in one of your comparison matrices, right? There’s a little attachment you can get at the end of this video, we will put in a link, in order for you to objectively compare different vendors on the things that are important to you. So one of them could cost, one of them could be the service that they offer. Do they only do one, just a website, or do they look after your marketing and your social media and your video content production for you? The third one will be how much of alignment are they with you in terms of the size?


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Finding the RIGHT vendor

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