Getting the Most Out of Your Target Market

Many businesses don’t have enough clarity about who their target market is, thus make the mistake of trying to appeal to a large market segment with a diluted marketing message. This leads to an ineffective marketing effort and thus doesn’t attract anyone or worse, attract the wrong type of customers which can cause more damage than good to the business.

The workshop aims to help you pinpoint your business’s target market through interactive group discussions, real life stories/experiences and practical examples. By the end of the workshop, you should walk out with a clear idea of who your business target market is, what audience you should appeal to, where they hangout and what message you should use to appeal to them.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Meet & Greet (15 mins)
  • Interactive Workshop (75 mins)
    • Definition of target market & target audience
    • Digging deeper into the persona
    • Examples of good & bad target market
    • Figuring out there they hang out
    • Appealing to your target market with the right message
  • Networking (30 mins)

Other Details:

  • Finger food & drinks provided
  • Bring your business cards for networking
  • Have an open mind, participate and learn


This will be one of many workshops for small service-based business owners aimed at improving their business knowledge and network. We will be tackling various business topics such as time management, niching, target market, operational bottlenecks, sales, resourcing, marketing and operations with action-focused outcomes so that it’s not just all talk and no action. The main purposes are to help small businesses thrive by making the business owners feel more confident, focused, business savvy and ultimately happier. As with all workshops, if you don’t feel you learnt anything, make new connections or feel you got your money worth, we are happy to refund you the cost of the workshop.

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