Going Beyond Traditional Word of Mouth Referrals

Word of mouth referrals are still the most powerful and effective method of leveraging off your existing clients to gain new clients for your business, unfortunately it is also the slowest and least consistent method. There are steps you can take to ensure you stay top of mind with your client, making it easier for them to refer your business and most important of all, make the referral reach more people. Getting your referral system right means you can save thousands on general advertising but still be able to hit the mark with attracting your ideal clientele.

The workshop aims to help you figure out how you can get more referrals from your existing client base through interactive group discussions, real life stories/experiences and practical examples. By the end of the workshop, you should walk out with a clear understanding of various types of referrals, which one is relevant to you, how to ask for referrals effectively and maybe even come up with your own unique referral idea and have it validate by the collective group.

Meetup Agenda:

  • Meet & Greet (15 mins)
  • Interactive Workshop (75 mins)
    • Compare various types of referral systems
    • Examples of good & bad referral systems
    • Having the right mindset when asking for referrals
    • Making it easy for your clients to refer you
    • Coming up with your own unique referral idea
  • Networking (30 mins)


Other Details:


  • Finger food & drinks provided
  • Bring your business cards for networking
  • Have an open mind, participate and learn

This will be one of many workshops for small service-based business owners aimed at improving their business knowledge and network. We will be tackling various business topics such as time management, niching, target market, operational bottlenecks, sales, resourcing, marketing and operations with action-focused outcomes so that it’s not just all talk and no action. The main purposes are to help small businesses thrive by making the business owners feel more confident, focused, business savvy and ultimately happier.

As with all workshops, if you don’t feel you have learnt anything, made relevant connections or got your investment worthwhile, we are happy to refund you the cost of the workshop. It is our way of ensuring the engagement is risk free for your business 🙂

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