Health Check of Your Online Presence – Part 5 – Homepage

So the homepage would need to be like a back of a book. It’s almost like a summary of the entire website. Imagine you go to a bookstore and you have hundreds of books there and you wanna buy a fiction, whatever, you grab a book, it’s usually sealed, all right.

And you go, “Okay, I’ll read the back of the book “to see what this book is about.” It should be enough to intrigue you, to want to buy the book. In an example of the website, is that you want to on the homepage, you want to have enough information for them to want to continue.

All right, for example, a little bit About Us, the team, how your unique value position, some of the top treatments that you have, and the contact details. So these are the information you need, you go, “Okay, you know what? “I’m here to look for teeth whitening.” All right, and that happened to be your top three treatment. I’ll click on that to continue my journey.

So the website is meant to help them flow from the homepage all the way to the Contact Us, to make an appointment, to make the contact. That’s the purpose of a homepage. Each page has it’s own reason for existence. The homepage, that’s why we have a banner in the homepage, to really capture people’s attention, you got a homepage.

But when you get to the individual pages, because they don’t have to be wowed by the pretty pictures anymore once they get to a specific page. So they’re looking for teeth whitening, they wanna find out what kind of teeth whitening service you have. So they don’t want those banners on every single page. When you go to the specific service page, go straight to the content.

There’s no need to waste loading speed and stuff like that. And the same thing with contact, Contact Us. Once you go to Contact Us, the most important thing is to make sure the information is added to be shown really clearly where they are, how to contact them and how to get there. That’s it. That’s the purpose of Contact Us. Each page has a very specific reason for existence.

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