Health Check of Your Online Presence – Part 7 – Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

I always find, whenever, I’ve interviewed like hundreds of dentists in my career. And every time I interview them and ask him the question, why should a patient pick you over your competitors? And they, they always come up with the same answer, which is I’m very professional, we use the latest equipment, we are very friendly.

These are the most common ones they say. And unfortunately with that is that it’s very subjective. We’re a very friendly service, or we are very professional. Because everyone says that. Not only is it subjective, but also it’s easy for other people to just copy that sort of style. And that’s why it’s important to make sure your unique value proposition is tangible. Black and white.

So, an example of something that’s black and white is I’ve got 15 years of experience. That’s an actual fact. You can’t, you know, argue against that. Other ones are, you know, yes we provide this kind of service which other people might not provide. So it only takes is other person to learn that course and they can, you know, show the same service that they can provide.

Same thing with equipment, you can say I have got CEREC, the machine which will help you do same day crown which is good. But also your competitor can easily copy that as well by just going out and then buying the machine. We know it’s a $150,000 machine, but they can still do so.

The other sort of black and white reason why a patient will pick the practise are non-clinical stuff as well. For example, if you take American Express. And that will actually be a really good unique value proposition because by taking American Express, you’re basically telling the patient that hey, when you come and pay your bills, instead of like $1,500 for a root canal, which seems like a cost, it’s like oh shit, I’m paying this much money for this treatment I just had. Its pain, painful for the patient.

But instead if you imagine if your receptionist say, hey, do you have American Express? And he’s like, yes I do. Hey, this will actually go towards your reward, your future, you know, your travel. And turn that pain into something that’s pleasurable, allows them to collect points.

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