Today we’ll go through the audit report that we do for our potential client. The purpose of this report is that we actually want to give value to them.

So we actually go through online presence. That includes quite a few categories. And that includes the website from a business perspective, the website from a technical perspective, the website from a usability perspective, so that’s aesthetics and things like that, and the user flow, user experience.

SEO, so online visibility, SEM, which is AdWords or Google Ads, how they advertise and things like that. And their online reputation. So that doesn’t just include the Google+ or Google My Business, but also includes other things like True Local and Yellow Pages etc, wherever they can build a reputation.

And their social media. So we have a look at whether they’ve got Facebook, Instagram or whatever channel. We assess how, while they’re doing their social media.

And finally, and probably one of the more important points, is their competitors. That’s then suburb of x, what are the other professionals within the area that has this, that target the same market, and then we go into those details.

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